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In 1998, Digital Clone of Ireland, the patent owner of CloniZER, started to work on the principles of Ergonomic design in data processing systems. Its research lead to the "Digital Clone Solution", by using the latest Information Technology and applying ergonomics principles, allowing the user to use the full potential of Hardware, Software and Communication tools available for his/her daily use in the 21st Century world.

With new international alliances, Digital Clone expanded its Research & Development unit and now companies such as Shegarf (In Iran) are in the process of producing CloniZER

Digital Clone has also established alliances with such companies as Italian Olivetti and Taiwanese I-Will to produce Components for the Patented CloniZER.

CloniZER's Unique Design

After a lenghty process, CloniZER was patented at the U.S Patent Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization. Every CloniZER is delivered in user's language and English.


Why This Name?

CloniZER, is derived from the words Clone and Cloning. In the Cloning process (Copying), a replication is made from another being, carrying all the characteristics of the original being. Future versions of CloniZER software would create a digital cloning of its users preferences and behavioral patterns.



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