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At the onset of the third millennium, a new world is before us. The digital world is full of great opportunities. The Digital Age is based on two ideas, information and the speed in which it travels. Today, there is an increasing volume of information in the form of text, picture, music and film that are spread around the world or are being created daily. Easy access to these information is vital for each and every human being in the 21st century. At the same time, new communication methods are created and are added to the previous ones. Success, at this juncture, whether for digital world and its tools, will be in the forefront of success.


Usual software applications that need to be learnt by
novice users

  Needed equipments, peripherals and cablings in homes and offices  

Barriers to the Digital World

  • too many digital tools and people's dependence to them
  • Complex installation of computers and its peripherals
  • Incompatibility of various hardware
  • Long learning curve to use numerous computer software programs
  • Long learning curve to use different digital equipments
  • Complicated User's Manuals
  • Dependance on knowing English as a prerequisite for the use of these facilities
  • Difficulties in connecting to internet and accessing Internet Service



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