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Visiting Dolly da Amazonia

December, 12 2006

On Tuesday, December 12 2006, Company Dolly da Amazonia, visited Digital Clone headquarter and manufacturing factory and after evaluating and analyzing the company and its activities, they signed a contract with Digital Clone Co. to launch selling CloniZER in the International markets.

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Visiting Dolly da Amazonia

December 12 2006

Visiting Distar Factory (To manufacture CloniZER)

December 4 2006 - Thailand

CloniZER at ITCN ASIA 2006!

9 August 2006 - Karachi, Pakistan

Persian Gulf Countries Meet with Senate

28 April 2006 - Paris, France

Malaysia Seminar a Success!

April 22 2006 - Selangor, Malaysia

Russians Want the CloniZER

26 April 2006 - Tehran, Shegarf Company

Inauguration Ceremony of Digital Clone’s factory

March the 2nd, 2006 - Shiraz, Special Economic Zone

Presence of Digital Clone in the exhibition of Household Appliances

January 25- 28 2006 - Tehran  Permanent Fair Ground

Experimental Production of the factory in PVT Phase

December 2005 - Shiraz - Shiraz Especial Economic Zone


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