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CloniZER Special Operating Environment

CloniZER's User Interface (Operating Environment) is in users own language, with a virtual office interface and objects in a real office (i.e. letters, phone, fax, TV ...) leading users to access these tools an easy way, using commonsense.
In CloniZER Operating Environment, users can work in a logical way, without the need to learn various computer programs.
For instance, to send a photo through email, there is another computer application, as it is currently done in todays Microsoft Windows based Applications

  • Simple graphical Interfaces and use of the real world objects
  • No need to know computer concepts such as files and folders
  • Integrated Trays for all incoming and outgoing messages such as; Telephony Messages, Faxes, E-mails
  • Simple and intuitive Help Screens are available to guide you through the environment



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