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Imagine having a single Work and Leisure station that gives you all the benefits of a computer, scanner, fax, copier, printer, GSM modem, television, radio, CD/DVD, MP3 player, and camera without having to worry about the difficulties of installation, integration, and compatibility.

Most computer novices, elderly and rural residents do not use the computer extensively due to being intimidated by the "learning curve". To learn to install and use each software application can take days and users often forget most of what they have learned. Without having to attend strenuous training classes, a user can learn to use the CloniZER® in one hour.

Digital Clone has pioneered the future of computing by creating the world's first ergonomic Work, Communication and Entertainment Station, the CloniZER®. Its friendly integrated environment empowers families and businesses with a portable office and entertainment center.

Seamless integration and Ease of Use are the fundamental principles of CloniZER®. No more having to worry about system integration, messy wiring, transformers and types of electrical sockets for multiple devices. CloniZER® is 100% "plug and play".

The Digital Clone Module through its One Screen One Click technology allows users to access all functions including video conferencing, (VOIP) Voice Over Internet, audio and video recording, Internet radio, Unified Messaging and instant translation in the user’s own language.

CloniZER® empowers doctors, businesspersons, experts, researchers, and students with an easy to use and portable solution. Imagine the unlimited possibilities. Doctors can meet with patients and colleagues online, businesspersons can finalize contracts, experts can share opinions, researchers can share information and students can attend online classes. Universities and examination centers can conduct teachings and testing without the need for a proctor or professor. Companies hiring employees can

conduct online interviews without having to pay for travel and hotel expenses.

Not least of all, CloniZER's portability allows decision makers to have an office away from the office, including the digital entertainment leisure of their home. CloniZER
, a unique 21st Century’s digital “Work, Communication and Entertainment Station”.

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